Sizes of ampelschirm 3m durchmesser

First of all, the differences between round and square screens, of course, should be named their optics. In this case, each customer can decide for himself whether he would rather use a traffic light with a round one of a square sun protection. On the other hand, the different forms have different practical properties Ampelschirm 3m Durchmesser. Thus, for example, the square screens can be more closely assembled (four screens forming a square) so that a larger area can be shadowed.

The round shade dispenser is ideal for shadowing individual tables or areas in the yard / garden. In addition, it should be mentioned that the square sunshades are usually slightly larger than the round variants, and thus, even if they stand alone, can protect a larger area from the sun. There are various accessory products on the market for all traffic light shades, such as a protective cover which makes it possible to protect the screen from bad weather and dirt.

It is important to pay attention to the appropriate size of the protective cover for the respective screen. Furthermore, different stands for these sunshades can be bought. These are flexible stands as well as stands which have to be fixed in concrete, but always offer a very good support.

Finally, lamps can be named as additional products for the traffic light screens. These are optically appealing LED lamps, which can be installed under the screen to provide light during dusk or night.

Ampelschirm – technical details:

Screen round or rectangular available
-Various colors available
– variable (also available as ampelschirm screen 4m and ampelschirm screen 3m)
– Base frame: powder coated aluminum
-Robust plastic parts
-Extra strong striving
Screen: 100% polyester
-UV steel protection guaranteed
Sizes are variable
(Not included)

The price of your ampelschirm is in a good frame.
By best workmanship and high quality you get a durable product.
What is the advantage of a cheap umbrella that has defects after a season?
With the ampelschirm screen from Schneider you get a very good price-performance ratio.

What you get when ordering (accessories):
Order your screen, then you get the complete screen with hand crank in the color of your choice.
In addition, you can also order the original protective cover.
Ampelschirm screen 4m Conclusion:

Whether you use the round, rectangular screen, the size of your ampelschirm 4m or the ampelschirm 3m, with this product you will have many years of best protection and much pleasure. Through chic design, high quality, sophisticated technology and friendly colors, your screen will accompany you many summers.


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