IPhone 8: The Type C USB finally adopted by Apple?

Will USB Type C be present on the iPhone 8? This is what sources close to Apple have revealed at the very serious Wall Street Journal!

A USB Type C in addition to the port lightning? This is the crazy rumor of the day! A rumor that emanates from the very serious Wall Street Journal that developed a little longer the reasons for this choice by Apple. It would seem that the lightning cable could continue to be used for music while the USB Type C, the increasingly popular standard, would serve – for example – to recharge its smartphone. The iPhone 8, which could be available from 64 GB at a very high price, would therefore mark a big break with previous models. This rumor is obviously to be taken with tongs because going against the closed circuit policy of the firm.

It will of course wait for the officialization of the phone by Apple itself to see this rumor confirmed. But if the USB Type C is indeed adopted, the iPhone 8 can connect to a MacBook Pro without worries and need to go through an adapter. This decision would change a lot for Apple with the will to follow the same line as other manufacturers who gain a lot of ground (like the Chinese OnePlus or Huawei which formalized the P10 and P10 by titillating the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus). Next to the Samsung Galaxy S8, the iPhone 8 remains one of the most anticipated phones in 2017. A smartphone that should offer big technical features. What do you think of this rumor?


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