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Joachim (played by the Gibraltar-chinned Grard Depardieu, one of the greatest actors France has produced within the last 50 years) is a priest-surgeon bothersome to solve the obscurity of a teenager and beautiful Carmelite nun Sarah (played by the gorgeous lodie Bouchez) who falls ill for perplexing reasons.

When he tries to inquire closer and urge going not far afield-off off from for the reclusive nun, he is scratch off by Mon the subject of Emmanuelle, the Mother Superior of the Order in Brazil, who tries to block and drive you mad Joachim all step of the quirk – which of course makes Joachim even more certain to arbitrate out what’s going approaching when this cute nun

We are furthermore treated to a parallel marginal note, inter-scratch surrounded by this first intend origin, the financial credit of the SAME GIRL in a jail in France. Actually she had been there for the last 10 years, past age 14, for strangling a crying baby to death by pressing a pillow concerning the order of his position. She is the “Killer Babysitter” that created quite a furor ten years ago. And in jail she is assaulted and harassed as a “baby killer” but she does neither sob nor attempt to defend herself too much.

Just following we are scratching our heads virtually these two utterly alternating stories sharing the associated protagonist and wondering whether there is something wrong bearing in mind us, we are mercifully revealed that we are actually watching the report of TWINS, Galle and Sarah, who had experienced something utterly dramatic even if they were tiny girls after which Galle went to jail and Sarah allied the convent.

This excuse also explains the root of Sarah;s malady – all times one of the twins acquire sick, the appendage gets ill too though she is thousands of miles away, and follower science does not seem to have a logical report for it.

The pace of the film picks occurring after Galle is consent to pointless from the jail nearly parole. Johaim decides to lead Galle even at the cost of getting expelled from the Catholic Church. After a admiring interlude which tests the Catholic priest’s wow of chastity, Joachim helps Galle postponement out to Brazil to meet her sister.

When we learn the valid report Galle’s presumed (and self-confessed) crime we are as relieved as Joachim who always believed in the innocence of both sisters. However, the unconditional would not be ample to save Sarah.


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