Golf gloves and grips

Tommy &ldquoTwo gloves&rdquo Gainey notched his first PGA Tour win Sunday having a sizzling final-round 60 to lap the area for any one-shot victory within the McGladrey Classic.

There are various kinds of players on Tour but couple of stick out like Gainey.

The truth that he wears two gloves, one on every hands, for those shots whatsoever occasions sets him aside from the other players prefer. It simply so happens that Gainey performed baseball as he was more youthful and think it is logical to go forward and employ two gloves when golfing.

Clearly there is nothing wrong by using it, because he shown by winning.

How do we determine if the glove(s) you&rsquore using is the best for your game? How about the grips in your clubs?

Personally i think that whenever selection on golf gloves and grips there’s one factor to bear in mind.

Select a glove and grip that increases your grip security. You have to maintain constant grip pressure and stop the club from spinning with you throughout the swing.

Most players do not know once the club moves within their hands, however the results could be disastrous. Once the club slips with you, the clubface usually closes, delivering shots low and left for any right-handed golfer.

If grip security is a problem for you personally, look into the following exterior factors to make certain you are able to keep the club correctly:


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