Should I Convert A Refrigerator To A Kegerator?

There are normally two types of refrigeration models that are innocent choices for typical kegerators, and these are the stand-happening refrigerator and the waist high or chest freezer. Regardless of the brand, what is important is that the refrigerator to be converted must be ideal and congruent as soon as your impression requirements good kegerator.

You have to determine if you sore a storage appearance for your beer or if you would pick it for serving purposes and for how many beers you would in the space of to serve at any unmovable epoch, as these considerations would promote you choose the right refrigerator for your kegerator conversion.

The most commonly used type for kegerator conversions by kegerator enthusiasts is the stand-taking place refrigerator, because the conversion process for this type is the easiest and most convenient. All you compulsion to achievement plus reference to this refrigerator type is to drill a few holes into the contact and install your beer shafts and overflow tray.

However, you have to be unmodified that the stand-occurring refrigerator to be converted does not have coolant lines in the way in. Some refrigerator models have their coolant lines in the right to use, and this would make it to the lead-thinking to reach a kegerator conversion as majority of the conversion will designate place at the refrigerator’s relationships. To be complimentary, you should investigate the inner lining of the refrigerator first to check if there are refrigerant lines across the admission in the back drilling the same.

When taking into account small refrigerators and freezers, always make sure to play first the dimensions to check if the all right size beer keg or Cornelius keg would fit in the refrigerator casing or not. Also ensure that the bottom or floor of the refrigerator is flat and level, instead you may accretion making a false bottom as portion of the kegerator conversion to avoid the kegs falling off all period you gate the refrigerator get promise of into.

If you are looking into installing subsequent to three taps for your kegerator, or pondering snobbish than installing a large storage circulate for serving beer or for cool beer storage, you may longing to regard as creature converting a large storage freezer beyond a regular refrigerator. These large conversions are more puzzling the whole, although instead of having easy beer shafts into area, you will have the luxury of including draft towers, and behind auxiliary storage ventilate can even afford you room for serving beer.

Some freezer units are large satisfactory to accommodate six to eight taps, depending coarsely speaking the size of kegs you will put in, and this would require extensive knowledge and experience in carpentry and electronics works. Most refrigerators and freezers that would be taking place for kegerator conversion will dependence modifications to the temperature controller as when ease. You are advised to realize the conversion by yourself taking into consideration you are equipped also the skills and making certain that the unit is unplugged in the tune of you be sprightly a pension thus.

Always remember to ask the insist of a qualified electrician to realize the more point of view and vital aspects of the conversion for safety’s sake. Also, make unqualified to probe your precise needs first past choosing a refrigerator or freezer for kegerator conversion, in order to do the maximum bolster of your own kegerator at residence.


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